本文摘要:While Apple was announcing its long-awaited smartwatch (and two updated smartphones), chipmaker Intel was unveiling its own vision for the future of wearables up the Peninsula at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The Santa Clara, Calif.-base


While Apple was announcing its long-awaited smartwatch (and two updated smartphones), chipmaker Intel was unveiling its own vision for the future of wearables up the Peninsula at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based semiconductor company, which has long been criticized for being late to the mobile market, is determined to turn the tide and lead in this fledgling product category.当苹果公司(Apple)公布人们盼望已幸的智能手表(以及两款Ultra智能手机)时,芯片制造商英特尔(Intel)也在旧金山半岛的莫斯康展出中心(Moscone Center)展出了他们对于可穿着设备的未来愿景。由于转入移动市场的步伐较慢,这家坐落于加利福尼亚州圣克拉拉的半导体公司多年来备受抨击。如今,公司要求挽回态势,力争在这一渐渐成型的产品类别中获得领先地位。To that end, Intel announced several new offerings at its annual developer forum on Tuesday morning, including an updated “board” developers can use to build all sorts of wearable devices. Called Edison, the postage stamp-sized product features a dual-core system-on-a-chip, Wi-Fi, memory, support for USB and more. The company also announced an “analytics for wearables” program that will provide data-driven intelligence to developers building wearables using its platform.为了构建这一目标,英特尔在上周二上午举办了年度开发者论坛,公布了几款新的产品,其中还包括一款近期的计算出来平台,可可供开发者打造出各种类型的可穿着设备。

这一平台取名为“爱迪生”,仅有邮票大小,内置双核系统芯片,还反对无线网络、内存、USB和其他功能。公司还发售了一个“可穿着设备分析”项目,将为用于其平台打造出可穿着设备的开发者提供数据驱动智能服务。Intel’s still trying to drive demand for new PCs, and has set an ambitious target of getting its chips in 40 million tablets by end of this year. But it’s definitely made it clear that it’s angling for the wearables–and larger “internet of things”–market. (To show just how fancy wearables can get, Intel recently unveiled a high-end, bejeweled smart bracelet at New York Fashion Week). Company president Renee James has her own take on where wearables are going–post Apple smartwatch. Fortune caught up with James to find out more about her company’s vision for the newish market, the competition and what needs to happen for wearables to really take off.英特尔还在企图不断扩大新的PC机的需求量。他们成立了雄心勃勃的目标,要在今年年底前让4,000万台平板电脑用于公司的芯片。


)苹果发售智能手表之后,可穿着设备将呈现出怎样的发展趋势?英特尔的总裁詹睿妮有自己的看法。《财富》(Fortune)幸运地专访到詹睿妮,挖出了更好涉及信息:关于她的公司对新的市场的愿景、公司未来面对的竞争,以及可穿着设备要想要确实蓬勃发展还必须什么。Fortune: Wearables were a big topic at last year’s event. Is it still a big topic?《财富》:在去年的活动上,可穿着设备是一个最重要话题。

现在它还很最重要吗?James: It’s a big deal today but it’s more real today. We’re on the second generation of everything we announced last year, but today what we talked about is the software developer kits. So basically you can get a hardware board, a full software development kit tools and actually build stuff easily and quickly. So what I would say is one year later, everyone’s like, ok, it’s real. They’re on their second rev of the developer board—Edison and they’ve got a full kit. Cause developers just want to know how to hook software to it and build stuff. This conference is all about software developer kits that make it easy to work on Intel platforms. So we announced a kit for internet of things, we announced for wearables and one for high performance computing.詹睿妮:可穿着设备如今依然是一个最重要话题,而且还显得更为现实了。我们去年发布的产品,现在早已研发出有了第二代,但今天我们要辩论的是软件开发工具包。基本上你拿一块硬件主板,一个完备的软件开发工具包,就能精彩快捷地打造出新的东西。


这次会议的主题就是软件开发包在,它们可以让人们精彩地在英特尔平台上工作。我们公布了物联网研发工具包、可穿着设备研发工具包,以及用作高性能计算出来的工具包。On the wearables side are you competing with Samsung now, since they recently launched their own platform?在可穿着设备领域,你们正在同三星(Samsung)竞争吗?他们最近也公布了自己的平台。


Samsung has a product and they are attracting developers to their platform. So they’re more about getting developers to actually write apps, because most of the apps for that device are actually Samsung-written today. They want to extend it to become the de facto standard open interface for everyone. We’re about getting all the people who want to compete with Samsung to be able to build devices. So we’re kind of down at the guts level saying, hey, we can give you the hardware, the sensor platform, the software you need to go build your own one. So our point of view on it is we’re more generic. We’re about enabling the masses to be able to do the kinds of things that Samsung’s doing for their own products.三星发售了一款可穿着设备产品,并企图更有开发者用于他们的平台。他们更加想要让开发者来撰写应用于,因为当下的大多数应用于实质上都是三星自己撰写的。


所以我们实在自己的机制更加标准化。三星只给自己的产品做到研发,而我们让大家都来做到研发。They seem to say they’re taking a much more open approach and want even other manufacturers to use it.三星或许指出他们的方式更为对外开放,甚至期望其他生产商也用于这个平台。

I think that’s what they want but I don’t know if other people will do it. So Apple will do what Apple is doing, which apparently they announced a moment ago. I don’t know if people will go Samsung’s route but it’s the right objective.我指出这是三星自己的点子,我不告诉其他人否不会这么做到。苹果在回头自己的路,似乎,他们刚公布了自己的产品。

我不告诉人们不会会按照三星的路线回头,但这是一个准确的目标。I know Intel is somewhat agnostic on the actual products, but what do you think is going to really take off on the wearables side?我告诉落在实际产品上,英特尔总有一些不可知论的意味,但是在可穿着领域,你实在有哪些产品将不会确实蓬勃发展一起?In my experience in this industry the things that have been breakthrough have all been about connecting human beings to each other, communicating with each other. Do I really care about my heart rate all the time? But the fact I can get my text messages without looking at my phone. There’s others in the world that I’ve seen that have private display on the inside, and there’s some that have haptics (technology that uses the sense of touch like vibrations, for example). If you can make it so that I could touch somebody remotely through a wearable because it has haptic feedback—like I could give a hug and it would touch you or pinch you—that would be killer. People want to chitchat, they talk, they text. I think that’s it. I think that they don’t do anything that your phone can’t do yet and they need to do something more, not only be more stylish.以我的经验来看,这个行业中取得突破性进展的产品都是需要让人们彼此联系、相互交流的。我真地不会时刻注目我的心率吗?不,但我想不拿著手机就看见短信。